Dev#003 Why not just buy a cheap Chinese K40 laser?


yes, why not ?

This is a good question. There are a multitude of cheap co2 laser cutters available on Ebay. Why would you not buy one of these.

A lot of people already bought one of these machines and soon discovered that they are mostly of very bad build quality.


They are not complete unusable, that would be a big lie. A lot of people create absolutely stunning artwork with these cheap devices. For around $300 (+ $150 shipping) you can’t go wrong…

But… as soon as you get one, there are modifications to be made. Some are very cheap, while others require more expensive modifications. Some models are even completely unusable.


These Chinese cutters are mostly put together by untrained employees who just mount the different parts with almost no knowledge of what the machine will actually do. They are made out of metal plates which are bent into the needed shapes. To a Chinese worker a inclination of 90° or 92° doesn’t make a big difference. For a laser machine… it does matter a lot.

Accuracy is not the keyword for these devices and if the gantry is not square….. you’ll have a very hard time to get it ok.

The used components are also of very low quality. Every dollar saved is a good dollar for them and a problem for you. The difference between a good mirror and a super one can be as low as $5/piece, but to the user the difference in real world performance is night and day. It is good to look at prices, but you should never go too low and look for rock bottom prices.

LaserBeaver does NOT try to be the cheapest lasercutter. As a matter of fact if you look for the cheapest one, then go and buy yourself a nice Chinese cutter on Ebay.

LaserBeaver wants to enable you to build your own cutter using easily obtainable parts of good quality. Not the cheapest … not the most expensive. Just as good as possible for a certain budget.

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