Dev#002 Setting the first goals of the project


start small, end big

It doesn’t make sense to try to be the best from the beginning. Every project works with small steps at a time. Beginning with the bare minimum and gradually building extra blocks until you can be assured your info is worth your readers’ time.

LaserBeaver will try to build a 40W lasercutter with the following features:

  • Laser power 40 Watt
  • Bed size (usable cutting space) approximately 610x310mm
  • Automatic up/down table with auto focus.
  • Air assist and red dot laser positioning
  • Efficient and preferably closed loop water cooling system.
  • Fume extraction
  • PPI cutting as well as regular cutting and engraving
  • Custom firmware running on Arduino DUE (and maybe later regular ARM M3 cpu)
  • Host software running on a multitude of operating systems

Because engraving in high resolution is not always simple with a co2 (larger power, difficult way to set accurate powers and the by nature relatively large single dot size of a co2 laser) the LaserBeaver cutter will over time also get an extra laser head built in.

This head will be a 405nm laser diode capable of the absolute finest engraving possible in that price class, but it will come at the cost of speed. For patient people full greyscale engraving will be available.

The future looks promising…

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  1. Silly question:
    If you’re going to build a dual-head to do IR and Blu-ray, could you modify the design a little so that you could have the two heads be IR with a 1.5″ and 4″ focal lengths?

    • Hi John, unfortunately that is not the same.

      The source of IR comes from a laser tube. These tubes are 700 to 800mm long and shoot through mirrors to your lens.
      So you can not put anythin in the light path.
      If you want to make a machine with 2 IR heads then you also need 2 laser tubes.

      But… you can always create the laser with a 1.5″ focal lens and then change the head for a 4″

      • I had thought about that as well, but then, how would one modify the height self-adjustment?
        You could use some kind of plunger/reed switch kind of assembly that was attached to the laser head piece. Then, you would change out the height adjustment control when you switched focal lengths.

        • Yes indeed. The laserbeaver cutter will have an auto focus. So if you know what lens you used, you can then instruct the software to lower the up/down-table to the correct distance.

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