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Making a machine yourself is a very rewarding hobby.

bartI’m Bart Libert and in the past I already built a couple of machines. My biggest achievement until now is the design and construction of a full size 1200x610mm workspace 80W CO2 laser cutter.

It took me about 1 year to fully design and create.

In the last 3 years, I’ve learned a lot about using the machine and all kinds of settings. I had the luck to learn about pulsed cutting and made numerous nice products by cutting mdf, plywood and acrylic.

Time for a change

I’m 42 years now and a full time primary school teacher. But it doesn’t end there. Aside from my full time day job I have had other “hobbyjobs”. In 1992 I released the first Dutch educational CD-ROM in Belgium (with a publisher of course). I successfully ran my own ringtone business, coded over 15 different CD-ROM titles for education selling thousands of copies each year. I even ran a laser cutting business for about 1.5 years. Until… I suddenly reached the age of 40 ! At that moment a lot changed. I had been working double jobs for over 20 years. It had to come to a stop. From that day on I decided to stop doing double jobs and become a simple only-1-at-a-time-fulltime-job teacher.

oops, what now ?

fututeBy falling back to only 1 fulltime day job, I had some more free time to work on several projects. 1 of these will now become my main project. Designing and developing a complete open source laser cutter in the 40W range with a decently large bed, no compromise on quality for an acceptable price. Easily buildable with readily available parts. This is the beginning of the LaserBeaver adventure. Every single step of the project will get documented. Hardware design, design considerations, laser theory, electronics design, firmware programming, …. Welcome to my world


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  1. Hello Bart.

    Is this still an active project ?
    At the moment i’m busy with the buildlog lasercutter but both have nice options.
    I’m very interested in the building and your autofocus system.

    John Vriend

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