Dev#006 choosing aluminum profiles to build the machine.


Bigger is not always better

Because I already made a very large machine, I have experience with a lot of different aluminum profile systems. The larger the profiles get, the stronger they are, but… how strong do we need?

aluminum-extrusion-aluminum-profile-aluminum-profileFor the LaserBeaver cutter, we will be using 20×20 profile, which means that these aluminum profiles measure 20mm by 20mm.

They are a lot smaller than the 35×35 or 45×45 profiles, but they are also a lot lighter + they cost a lot less. Currently there are plans to use 20×20 and 20×40 profiles.

These are very easy to get and also relatively cheap. I personally know 2 good places to get them, but if you look around, you might find even better deals locally.

For European people, a real deal can be found at where the 20×20 profile can be found for as little as €3.20 per meter.

Of course there is also the worldwide player Misumi at where you can also find all these profiles.

(I am not affiliated with any of these sites, so you buy your profiles wherever it suits you best)

modeling alu profiles

Of course, if you want to design a machine in CAD, you also have to draw the aluminum profiles. So I already designed the profile in Fusion 360 for later use. The files of all CAD models will be made available at a later moment.


The image above is a rendering from Fusion 360. Looking very realistic!

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